When water is too "weird" to drink, you can clean it up with OYSTERS (just don’t eat the oysters). We’ve used bacteria to clean up waterways in the past (even major oil spills, like BP–NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this special report), so why not bivalves?

Chronic water quality problems caused by agricultural and urban runoff, municipal wastewater, and atmospheric deposition from the burning of fossil fuels leads to harmful algal blooms–and algae is what oysters like to EAT. Researchers found that a farmed oyster to can remove over 2 times the algae of a regular oyster.

Researchers are discovering new things about this familiar liquid. First, they discovered that salt water burns if zapped with the right radio frequency, meaning we may eventually be able to run cars on water. Researchers also discovered that you can make water stay frozen at warm temperatures if you coat it with a special diamond mixture. It has also recently been discovered that water in two separate containers will rise up and join together, forming a "water bridge," when exposed to a high-voltage electric field. No one has figured out any practical uses for these new discoveries yet, but doubtless they will in the future–especially in medicine (since our bodies are primarily made up of water).

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