What may be happening – UFOs are well known for stopping cars dead as they hover above them. How do they do it? Car chases are common on the nightly news in Los Angeles, and they’re also dangerous. If police could figure out how to stop cars in their tracks the way UFOs do, there would no longer be a problem, and maybe they have.

The secret is electromagnetic pulse, which only works if vehicles that have on board computers (which most cars now do). In PhysOrg.com, John Messina reports that the Air Force is now trying to develop a non-lethal weapon that can stop cars (and tanks). If a suspected suicide bomber drove a car or truck through a barrier, it would be one way to stop him from driving into a crowd where he could detonate his device.

Whitley originally discovered EMP when he wrote “WarDay.” A paperback of his NEW nuclear thriller, “Critical Mass,” will be sent FREE to everyone who subscribes or renews their subscription for at least 6 months by January 31st.

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