A middle-aged woman was admitted to an emergency room with amnesia, unable to remember anything about the past 24 hours EXCEPT having had sex with her husband an hour earlier. Does this mean the sex was very good–or very bad? Probably neither–what’s called "transient global amnesia" is a rare condition in which memory suddenly (and temporarily) disappears.

Nobody knows what causes it and it affects only about 3 to 5 of us per 100,000 people every year. In LiveScience.com, Stepanie Pappas quotes neurologist Sebastian Ameriso as saying, "We don’t know very much about the cause. It causes a lot of alarm, but this is not a stroke or an event that causes damage to the brain. It’s almost always very benign."

Meanwhile, a new study suggests that sex during adolescence can have lasting negative effects on the body and mood well into adulthood, most likely because the activity occurs when the nervous system is still developing. Psychologist John Morris says, “Having a sexual experience during this time point, early in life, is not without consequence. It could be affecting males’ susceptibility to symptoms of depression." Neuroscientist Zachary Weil says, "There is a time in nervous system development when things are changing very rapidly, and part of those changes are preparations for adult reproductive behaviors and physiology. There is a possibility that environmental experiences and signals could have amplified effects if they occur before the nervous system has settled down into adulthood."

So instead of just telling young boys to always carry condoms, we should warn them that too much sex too early can lead to depression? We somehow doubt they’ll believe that! But they (and you!) CAN believe in the stories you see here on unknowncountry.com, because, while you may think some of our news stories are weird, but they’re all REAL SCIENCE, and to prove it, we put the link of a legitimate news site at the end of every story. At last, the internet makes sense. If you agree, help us stay alive: Subscribe today!

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