The quest for the source of the strange sound known as the Kokomo hum–the low, unending sound that’s been driving residents of this Indiana town nuts for a couple of years–is still going on. The town is paying sound expert Jim Cowan $100,000 to track it down.The low-frequency noise causes some people stress that leads to health problems such as nausea, headaches or insomnia. Some hear it as a hum, while others feel it as a rumble.

Cowan, who works for Acentech in Boston, says he’s heard the hum himself. "There’s definitely something out there that’s different," he says. "It could be something as simple as an industrial fan, a new piece of machinery or none of the above. It’s possible it may not be acoustically related at all and we could solve the sound end of things, make the sound go away and people may still be feeling the symptoms." He’s now testing in four different areas of town where residents have complained about it the most. He says, "It’s definitely progressing. We’re going through a process of elimination more than anything else."

Here’s what they’re searching for in Kokomo.

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