We hear news about the Iraq war from the White House all the time, but we rarely hear from the soldiers themselves. Do they feel that the war they are fighting is working?and is it worth it?

British soldiers are fighting the same war in Iraq that we are, and in the Independent, Terri Judd quotes two of them as saying the Coalition troops are totally ineffective: “sitting ducks” to an “increasingly sophisticated insurgency.” She quotes private Paul Barton as saying, “Basra is lost, they are in control now. It’s a full-scale riot and the Government are just trying to save face.”

Corporal Richard Bradley says, “[Guys] are dying for no cause at all and [guys] are getting injured for no cause at all.”

Barton says, “[On my] last tour, I never fired my rifle once. This time, I fired 127 rounds on five different occasions. And, in my role [providing medical support], I shouldn’t have to fire. We have overstayed our welcome now. We should speed up the withdrawal. It’s a lost battle. We should pull out and call it quits.”

Art credit: freeimages.co.uk

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