In the future (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show), it’s predicted that the population of the world will swell to 2.5 billion–how will we feed them all? Certainly not with the conventional meat-and-potatoes diet that we’re used to in the West, and we won’t be able to grow enough vegetables, either. We’ll have to find NEW KINDS of food to eat.

One of these new foods will be algae, which is already eaten in Asia. It grows quickly in oceans, in polluted water and in other places that would kill most crops. But instead of foraging for it, we’ll need to create huge, commercial algae farms. Major airlines are even investigating the possibility of switching to algae oil.

If you can’t bear the thought of switching from meat to algae, there’s always artificial meat. It looks like meat, feels like meat and it IS meat, although it’s grown from stem cells in giant vats. Scientists are trying to develop this for space travel.

And of course you knew this was coming: Eating insects, such as grasshoppers (long eaten by cowboys in Texas), spiders, wasps, worms, ants and beetles–all of which are extremely high in protein. At least 1,400 species of insect are eaten across Africa, Latin America and Asia. Will we soon see large insect farms in the US? The European Union is already offering its member states three million dollars to promote the use of insects in cooking.

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