We’re all pretty sure that the government knows more about this than they’re telling. In the Huffington Post, Lee Speigel lists some of the evidence: On Eleanor Roosevelt’s 1950 weekend television talk show, "Today With Mrs. Roosevelt," the former first lady interviewed an airline pilot about his sighting of a rapidly moving circular UFO. (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows).

A former New Hampshire state legislator claimed to have seen an official briefing document to Dwight Eisenhower informing the president of an alleged continued presence of extraterrestrials in America and suggesting Eisenhower could meet with them.

Before becoming president, Gerald Ford called for "a full-blown investigation of these mysterious flying objects" after many UFO sightings in his home state of Michigan.

Jimmy Carter described his 1969 Georgia UFO sighting and said he wasn’t sure how much UFO information hadn’t been released to the public.

Ronald Reagan had two UFO sightings while he was governor of California and later, as president, told the United Nations how an alien invasion would bring the countries of the world together.

Bill Clinton attempted to learn more about UFOs and speculated that top secret documents may have been kept from him.

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