Tickets going fast, special discount for subscribers! – Jim Marrs has told us what he’ll be talking about at our Dreamland conference, which is being held in Nashville on June 27-29. He will present information regarding his latest book from HarperCollins Publishers, “The Rise of the Fourth Reich.” Prepare to be amazed, astounded and angered by the riveting information you will learn. For attendees, Jim’s presentation will be the first opportunity to learn who is behind the sagging US economy, corporatism in America, and the rise of the national security state with the attendent loss of liberty. Keep reading to learn how to purchase a ticket!

We have posted a Dreamland Special conversation between Anne Strieber and William Henry, during which William tells us why Nashville, where conference is being held, is such a special place. Since it was originally recorded for subscribers, it also lets non-subscribers know what they’re missing! The theme of the festival is High Strangeness, and all of our Dreamland hosts will be presenting over the course of the weekend. Tickets are $25 off for a limited time only and subscribers have a coupon to gives them an EXTRA $25 off! When you purchase your ticket, you will automatically be registered. A list of nearby hotels is available on the store’s festival description.

To buy a ticket, click on the latest and it will be the first item on the list. Click here to find out more and purchase a ticket.

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