In 1998, a mysterious man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all kinds of things he didn’t know–but when he checked them out later, he found out they were TRUE (The new, UNCENSORED edition of The Key, with a foreword that talks about how many of his statements later turned out to be true, is in bookstores NOW).

One of his statements was that "there are many universes," which led Whitley to discover the concept of parallel universes, which quantum physicists feel definitely exist (in fact, that may be where the "Visitors" come from). Is this how the UFO phenomenon known as "missing time" works?

If you’ve ever lost your keys or stuck the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the refrigerator, you may have been the victim of a tired brain region that was taking a quick nap. Maybe if WE could travel to other worlds, we wouldn’t have to try so hard to figure out what’s going on. One of the few of MOTKE’s provocative statement that Whitley could NOT check out was his declaration that we are stuck on this planet because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust!

Researchers have found that some nerve cells in a sleep-deprived yet awake brain can briefly go “off line,” into a sleep-like state, while the rest of the brain appears awake. Psychiatrist Chiara Cirelli says, "Even before you feel fatigued, there are signs in the brain that you should stop certain activities that may require alertness. Specific groups of neurons may be falling asleep, with negative consequences on performance." Until now, scientists thought that sleep deprivation generally affected the entire brain. Cirelli says, "We know that when we are sleepy, we make mistakes, our attention wanders and our vigilance goes down. We have seen with EEGs that even while we are awake, we can experience shorts periods of ‘micro sleep.’" And contactees know that this is something that can be INDUCED.

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