If you’re waiting for your Valentine’s Day present – The stereotype of a man’s reluctance to ask for driving directions holds true when he goes shopping as well: Women are much more likely to seek out other people, including store sales help, for guidance about purchases whereas men are more apt to go it alone.

Men also feel that they have certain areas of expertise. For instance, in a survey, men viewed themselves as much more knowledgeable about wine than the women, despite the fact that women buy 80% of the wine purchased in the United States.

The one day of the year when men are forced to go it alone is Valentine’s Day, so most men take the easy way out and buy chocolate. There may well be another important reason for giving your sweetheart sweets for Valentine’s Day besides the traditional romantic one: The “chocolate cure” for emotional stress is now getting new support from clinical trials which found that eating about an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks reduced levels of stress hormones in the bodies of people feeling highly stressed. You rely on this website for the latest edge news and this week, Whitley interviews the host of another edge radio show. Make sure the fun lasts in 2010: Subscribe today!

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