When it comes to romance, are good looks more important to you than anything else??Only if you’re good looking yourself! In LiveScience.com, Jeanna Bryner quotes behaviorist Dan Ariely as saying, “Beautiful people marry beautiful people and less beautiful people marry less beautiful people.” And what do people who aren’t terribly good looking do? According to Ariely, they “?basically switch what they care about and they start caring less about beauty and more about sense of humor.”

But they DON’T change their concepts of beauty. Bryner quotes Ariely as saying, “If I’m less attractive, which I am, and I hang out with less attractive people, you can imagine I start appreciating different things. I [might] start caring less about symmetry and I start thinking more that big ears could be cute. But that doesn’t seem to happen.”

In other words, even ordinary-looking people allow the media to set the standards for beauty, and it happens to MEN too. Young men who read magazines featuring images of perfect male bodies could be psychologically harmed. They may try to become more muscular, even if it harms their health.

BBC quotes psychologist David Giles as saying, “The message in typical [men’s] magazines is that you need to develop a muscular physique in order to attract a quality mate. Readers internalize this message, which creates anxieties about their actual bodies and leads to increasingly desperate attempts to modify them.”

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