As the years seem to race past faster and faster, more of us wonder every day if the 2012 prophecies mean anything. Now Belgian author Patrick Geryl has decoded the Mayan and Egyptian prophecies, and he lays it all out for us in this stunner of a show. Then Linda reports on that troubling collapse of the marine food chain off the Pacific Northwest. Is it going to fix itself, or is it a sign of bigger trouble tocome? And why can?t we get any political leadership on global warming here in the US?

The question about 2012 is really very simple: will the world be destroyed or not? We know that there was a period of horrendous upheaval about 11,000 years ago, and that classic books like Hamlet’s Mill have made the case that a warning of future catastrophe is contained in the symbolic writings of the past.

Now Patrick Geryl and Gino Ratinckx have taken a new look at the subtle mathematics of the Mayan Calendar and a group of ancient Egyptian star codes, and they say that these coded messages point to a repeat of the disaster that befell earth in 9,000 BC happening again in 2012. But will it? If it does,Geryl believes that there will be ample warning, IF we know how to read the signs. They have also found the location of the legendary Hall of Records that is supposed to be buried somewhere in Egypt.

Don’t miss this enthralling, thought-provoking interview with Patrick Geryl, the kind of explorer of the mind and spirit who also walks the ground he writes about. Subscribers: Whitley and Patrick go even deeper just for you. Whitley insists that Patrick tell us the places to go in order to be safe, and exactly what the warning signs will be. Patrick responds with a detailed description of what he expects to see in the early months of 2012, and where he thinks the places of safety will be. Whitley asks Patrick, What if nothing happens? His answer is shocking. If he’s right, there will be time to prepare, and unmistakable warning signs showing up by 2011 and certainly by 2012. But you MUST know what they are.

Whitley Strieber says, “The Orion Prophecy is absolutely terrific. Just the kind of book we love to talk about on Dreamland. An unforgettable journey down roads conventional science will not travel.”

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