A climate change prediction that Whitley Strieber used as research for his book Nature’s End thirty years ago has proved to be not only accurate, but to have understated the intensity of global warming by 30%.

Global warming has, sadly, become a political issue based around the false idea that it isn’t happening, but this study, completed by NASA climatologist James Hansen in 1981, shows just how accurate science can be. Hansen was the scientist who first proposed the theory that rising CO2 levels might affect global temperatures and he was very angry when his theory was debunked by the Bush White House.

But what if we could remove CO2 from the atmosphere? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about how much of it we’re putting into the atmosphere or argue about whether or not it’s the main cause of climate change.

Plants already do this with photosynthesis–they breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen, which in turn supports the rest of us. Can we build artificial photosynthesis machines?

But despite the fact that Klaus Lackner, the physicist who is trying to invent this machine, is being supported by green millionaires–the estate of the late Gary Comer (who founded Lands’ End), Seagram’s Edgar Bronfman and Microsoft’s Bill Gates, the idea may be too expensive to work.

The Economist says that: "A report published last year by the American Physical Society (APS) put the cost of extracting and storing carbon dioxide using an air-capture system based on known technology at between $600 and $800 a ton. At such prices it would take tens of trillions of dollars to deal with a year’s worth of carbon-dioxide emissions. And some think the APS’s estimates of costs are on the low side."

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