The author and explorer Graham Hancock was one of the first people to understand what “precession,” the way the earth “wobbles” on its axis as it orbits the sun, meant to the ancients. He wrote about this in his famous book Fingerprints of the Gods. Now researchers have learned from fossil records that this earth wobble had a lot to do with extinction?just as the ancient Egyptian culture predicted.

Fossil records show that the mysterious periodic extinctions that have occurred throughout history may be due in part to wobbles in the earth’s orbit, because they cause climate change.

Netherlands researcher A. van Dam studied rodent fossils in order to try to figure out whether or not these extinctions were random events. In, Sara Goudarzi reports that he found that the disappearances of these species were NOT random, but corresponded to an astronomical cycle that peaks nearly every 2.5 million years, as well as another one that peaks every 1 million years.

This means that the earth’s orbit is close to a perfect circle nearly every 2.5 million years. The second, 1-million-year cycle, begins when the earth is shifting its degree of tilt on its axis. Both of these cycles result in global cooling and increased ice formation.

Think people like Walter Cruttenden (whom we interviewed on Dreamland several weeks ago) and Graham Hancock are out on a limb when they warn that the earth’s persistent wobble causes extinctions? Now a survey of 22 million years of rodent fossil records reveals that their extinctions were NOT random, and corresponded to long term astronomical cycles. This discovery explains why mammal species tend to last about 2.5 million years before going extinct.

Where are we now? Well, mankind began to evolve as a separate species approximately 2.5 million years ago, and is facing dramatic species challenges right now.

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