People who grew up watching black and white TV often don’t dream in color. But do blind people see ANYTHING in their dreams? One day we may be able to find out, because we’ll be able to SEE other people’s dreams!

In the December 16th edition of the New York Times, Anahad O’Connor reports that, depending on when blind people lose their sight, their dreams tend to be more about sounds than about images. But those who became blind after age 5 often DO see images in their dreams. These mainly tend to be about bad travel experiences, which probably reflect the problems they have navigating through life.

Maybe someday we’ll have the answer, since we’ll have technology that allows us to view the dreams of others. Japanese researcher Yukiyasu Kamitani has invented technology that could display people?s thoughts and dreams on a computer.

The Press TV website reports that “when people look at an object, the eye’s retina recognizes an image that is converted into electrical signals which go into the brain?s visual cortex. [The researchers have] succeeded in catching these signals and then reconstructing what people see on [a computer] screen.”

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