It’s not the threat of Iranian nukes, it’s those same two big problems: oil and global warming. As oil prices rise to record levels, we may think we’re ALREADY in an oil war?but we haven’t seen anything yet! Meanwhile, US intelligence is saying that, as climate change increases, so do our chances of going to war.

In the Guardian, Michael Meacher predicts that “The geopolitical implications of [the] gathering crisis for world oil supply 2010-15 are immense. The risk of further military interventions and conflicts in the Middle East is clearly high.” He quotes a US “neocon” as saying, “One of the reasons we had no exit plan from Iraq is that we didn’t intend to leave.”

Meacher quotes senator Joe Lieberman as saying that efforts by the US and China to use imports to meet growing demand “may escalate competition for oil to something as hot and dangerous as the nuclear arms race between the US and the Soviet Union.”

In, Noah Shachtman quotes an unnamed government source as saying, “Climate change is a threat multiplier in the world’s most unstable regions. It’s like a match to the tinder.”

A classified report has been compiled that talks about the effect of global warming on war. Why secret? Shachtman quotes government official Richard Engel as saying that if the findings of the assessment were made public, “It would frustrate the execution of U.S. foreign policy.”

Hmmm?sounds like the kind of thing they were saying before we invaded Iraq.

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