Americans spend a significant amount of time in the bathroom, so it’s good to know that your toilet seat is one of the most germ free places in your house! According to a recent survey, many Americans spend more than 30 minutes each day in the bathroom, which adds up to nearly eight days each year, which is more than twice the time we spend on the average vacation trip. And contrary to popular belief, men spend almost as much time in the bathroom as women.Let’s hope everyone is washing their hands!

According to the survey, almost half of all Americans have worried about having stomach problems while on vacation. In addition, the survey unveiled that a majority of Americans have experienced increased stress because of the current state of the economy. Nearly 40% of them report they now eat more comfort food, more snacks and more fast food due to their increased stress levels. Researcher Anish Sheth says, “Stress and poor diet are triggers that could potentially cause digestive problems.”

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