Some people say they are just specks of dust on camera lenses. But researcher Julie Ryder says, “The orbs are becoming more and more complex. They are consciousnesses from other dimensions and are trying to make contact with us. The more complex forms are teaching us to communicate.”

Martin J. Kidston writes in the Helena (Montana) Independent Record that Ryder has hundreds of different photographs of orbs. They appear as diamonds, circles, and streaks of color.

Ryder says, “We’ve done over 50 photo sessions and I’ve been present at all of them. The orbs have been present at every single session.” To eliminate the possibility that they are caused by a camera defect, she’s used 14 different cameras to photograph them.

“My personal theory is that they’re inter-dimensional beings,” she says. “They interact with consciousness.” She was especially impressed by what she calls the Blue Orb, which she saw in June. It had a membrane and filaments that crisscrossed within the sphere. “I think it was a visitation,” she says. “It had a human form in it. It was the largest orb yet?almost as large as a human being?It’s not a solidly physical thing. I’m so astounded it appeared on film.”

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