To some extent, what are called “chemtrails” are caused by global warming, since the stratosphere, where planes fly, is getting colder, now that greenhouse gasses are trapping warmth in the troposphere, just below it. This causes jet contrails to freeze, so they remain visible for longer periods of time. Instead of dissipating harmlessly, some of them fall to earth as large blocks of ice. Reflective particles are also sometimes sprayed into the sky in an anti-terrorist effort to peer around the curvature of the earth. But the researchers who study chemtrails are not fully satisfied with either of these explanations.

A massive block of ice fell to earth again recently: this time in Scotland. In the Courier, Liz Fowler reports that what she calls an “ice meteor” crashed through the roof of a house at a speed of hundreds of miles an hour. She quotes a local police official as saying, “There have been instances in the past when things like this have happened. An aircraft flying through cloud will pick up moisture which can then freeze. As it descends it can de-ice and in this instance a block has dropped off. I have heard of this happen maybe 15 or 20 times.”

Meanwhile, chemtrails researchers allege that a “simultaneous operation by large numbers of quite visible aircraft [is] being mounted over continental areas on both sides of the Atlantic. Thus?chemtrails represent a continuous operation of incredible magnitude.”

Are chemtrails really contrails, or are they something MORE? To make up your own mind about this controversial subject, listen to this week’s Dreamland and click here.

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