Popular Dreamland guest Jim Marrs says, “It’s the dead of night and hundreds of illegal aliens are slipping into our country?Some of them are wearing unidentified military uniforms, black paramilitary uniforms, Chinese Uniforms, Soviet Uniforms and Mexican Army uniforms. Is this some conspiracy theory, urban legend, or rumor mongering?” And are any of them Iraqi terrorists?

We recently reported conflicting stories about 6 Iraqis crossing the Mexican border who may?or may not?have been carrying bioweapons. The two versions of the story we found also said they either entered the U.S. or were detained in Mexico for questioning. We also reported that Sheriff Erasmo Alarcon Jr., of Jim Hogg County, has received reports for years about unknown troops marching across the border wearing military uniforms. When Jim tried to speak with the deputy sheriff about this recently, his only reply was “No Comment.”

It turns out that most of the Iraqis crossing the border are Cahldean Christians who are seeking political asylum and are tired of waiting for visas to join their relatives in the U.S. Nizar Kero Glorian, a spokesman for the latest group, who are being held in a hotel in Tijuana, says, “They came here legally with passports. They are applying for entry to the United States, and they are not doing anything wrong.” Volunteers from St. Peter’s Chaldean Catholic Church near San Diego have been bringing them supplies. Immigration officials say 172 Iraqi Chaleans have requested asylum in the United States in the past two months. Since we have a war going on with their country, this isn’t a great time for them to be seeking asylum here and they’re bound to be looked at with suspicion.

Sam Abbod of San Diego, who has six cousins still living in Iraq, says, “They better not get shipped back because that’s a death sentence.”

Romil Gewarges, of Phoenix, Arizona, traveled to Tijuana to see his sister-in-law and her family. He says, “There’s no food, no medicine. Basically they’re starving.”

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