An incredible discovery has been made by NASA recently: A new planet that’s the right size and location for life and only 20 light-years away, in a solar system very similar to our own but much smaller. The newly-discovered planet is called Gliese 581g and is the first world discovered beyond Earth that’s the right size and location for life.

In Discovery News, Irene Klotz quotes astrophysicist Steven Vogt as saying, "Personally, given the ubiquity and propensity of life to flourish wherever it can, I would say that the chances for life on this planet are 100%. This planet doesn’t have days and nights. Wherever you are on this planet, the sun is in the same position all the time. You have very stable zones where the ecosystem stays the same temperature–basically forever. If life can evolve, it’s going to have billions and billions of years to adapt to the surface. Given the ubiquity of water, it seems probable that this thing actually has liquid water. On the surface of the Earth, everywhere you have liquid water you have life."

Will we ever be able to travel there and see for ourselves? The Master of the Key said that the reason we aren’t traveling to other planets right now is because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust!

As we’ve said before, it’s a dangerous time to be an astronaut, especially during weightlessness, which can cause a puffy face, swollen eyes and distended neck veins when bodily fluids shift in the absence of gravity. There’s a risk of long-term vision impairment caused by engorged blood vessels impinging upon optic nerves. NASA astronauts and scientists have long been aware of the phenomenon, but finding a remedy requires understanding exactly what’s happening inside the heads of space travelers floating weightlessly hundreds of miles above Earth–and beyond. As space journeys will probably get longer in the future, this becomes more of a problem. A lot of these problems occur when astronauts float head down.

Researcher Alan Hargens says, "There’s always some gravitational force on Earth, no matter what posture you take. If you lie head down, fluids flow toward your head, but g-forces also pull these fluids chest to back." Other strange things happen to astronauts: They experience nausea, headaches and chronic sinus congestion. Even stranger is the fact that the thickness of skin over the tibia (shinbone) decreases 20%, while the thickness of forehead skin grows about 10%. These altered thicknesses, along with most of the other symptoms, return to normal or disappear when their owners return to Earth.

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