Dr. Richard Wiseman, a psychologist who studies luck, wants to know if certain people are “born lucky.” Are you luckier if you were born during the summer than in the winter? So far, statistics say “yes.”

Wiseman is asking people when they were born and if they think they are naturally lucky, then tabulating the results. Despite the fact that Wiseman’s research shows that people create their own luck, often without realizing it, he also thinks luck may be linked to your birth date. For instance, research has found that babies born in winter are more likely to develop schizophrenia.

Wiseman says, “There is a biological theory to do with infection, which suggests it might be healthier to be born in a hotter month. Another theory is linked to diet, and suggests that mothers eat different foods in summer and winter. There is also a social theory, which suggests children born in certain months might do better in school because they are the oldest in their year.”

He also wants to find out if people born on the 13th of the month are unluckier than others. Although he doesn’t believe in astrology, he doesn’t entirely discount it either. He says, “It might be possible to say ‘that person has got the personality of a Leo or a Capricorn.'”

To take answer the luck questionnaire online, click here.

You can still listen to Anne Strieber’s interview with Dr. Richard Wiseman on Mysterious Powers.

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