You’re on the new Unknowncountry website. It offers much more visibility for our vast offering, and many new and easier ways to navigate, as well as a powerful new search engine. You’ll find a new ability to report sightings and encounters, and enjoy much easier free Dreamland and Revelations listening. The new "Strange Days" section offers a new strange story about each day of the year. The Out There section will now be more video oriented, and content will be graded A–probably true,  B–likely true, C–likely hoax, D–probable hoax.

Subscribers can now add their comments to all content, and there is a new monthly subscription at $3.95, in addition to our longer offerings.
You will still be able to use your current username and password to enter the subscriber area. If you receive an "expired" notice when you attempt to enter, it is probably because your account has expired. Check your account and see. If you get "password not recognized," use our easy new password recovery system.

Most of the changes to content will take place over time. Certain areas remain unfinished and will reappear shortly, such as the Superstorm Quickwatch and new subscriber video and audio material.

We also plan new social networking, and and many more features. Our new system will give us the flexibility to accomplish these things. We are interested in your comments. Please send them to

If you have any difficulty, we urge you not to call, but to send an email. It is almost impossible to deal with links, email addresses and passwords over the phone. As always, if you wish to cancel your subscription, simply send a cancellation notice to

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