At first, the super-clear pictures and the suggestion thatone of the ‘wings’ on this odd craft had Klingon letters onit made seasoned UFO observers assume that it was a prank.But now additional photographs being received fromindependent sources by Dreamland science reporter LindaMoulton Howe suggest that it may not be a hoax. Or do they?Read on…

The original photographs were submitted by an individual whowishes only to be known as “Chad,” and now additionalphotographs have been taken by (allegedly) another anonymous individual in Lake Tahoe, CA. Both witnesses describe a low hum associated with the otherwise silent craft, and Chad also describes a crackling sound.

Howe writes on website, “thesound described is consistent with electrostatic fielddischarges. Tesla coils, for example, give off electrostaticcharges that crackle and hum.”

The object is also described as moving like a skating spidersliding across a pond, which would be consistent with itsbeing held aloft by something other than a conventionalwing–for example, an electrostatic phenomenon. It’sasymmetry and lack of rotors mean that it is not aconventional airborne craft.

It moves slowly and makes no apparent effort to concealitself. Clear photos have been taken, or so it would seem,but sophisticated digital photo processes could achieve thiseffect.

Another possibility is that this might be a secretpropulsion testbed of some kind being flown out of nearbyBeale AFB, which is a center foradvanced reconnaissance aircraft. If it is real, it couldalso be the workof a private inventor or company. If a digital effect, perhaps it is simply a hoax, or maybe a so-called ‘viralmarketing’ program for some as-yet undisclosed media eventlike a new film or television program.

A technique that could be used to create an effectlike this is called HDR Lighting. It’s popular with 3-Dmodelers using 3-D Studio Max software because it enablesthem to insert entirely digital rendered objects intophotographs almost flawlessly. The technique is describedhere.

If it is an artifact of an advanced alien civilization, itis making a completely different approach to us than hasbeen seen in all prior UFO sightings. It is moving slowlyover populated areas in broad daylight at low altitude andallowing itself to be photographed clearly and in detail.This would suggest that further and more extensiverevelations will be pending. Listen to Linda Howe’s report about this on Dreamland!

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