It remains in our archives as story number 752. It was posted about five minutes after American Airlines Flight 11 had impacted the World Trade Center. It is a simple, short story, put up as we were frantically trying to dimensionalize the crisis.

Military sources were telling us that Continental US Forces were about to go on the highest possible alert. In San Antonio, a military town, fighters were patrolling the skies, afterburners blazing. And yet airports at that moment had no plans to close.

We sensed that this was a terrorist attack, because the day was clear and the chances of a passenger jet striking a building of the size of the World Trade Center were very small.

That was then, this is now, two years later. And now we bring to revered memory those who died on that day and who have died since, lives stolen by the thieves of human freedom, lives given up by freedom’s defenders.

Join us, you who read this, in a moment of contemplation of the greatness of the human spirit. Wonder that, despite all resistance and against all odds, mankind’s march toward the goal of equal freedom and dignity for all has never stopped, not across all the millenia of our history, despite the fears and the forces that have stood against it, and stand against it now.

To read our first, brief notice of what would be a new era in the life of this world, click here.

Looking back over these two years, the initial chorus of voices asking why it happened and why we don’t have answers has grown deafening. Today’s Philiadelphia Daily News sums up the questions succinctly.

Until the government faces those questions and answers them, the dead will never be at rest.

The image accompanying this article is from a recently released video that shows one of the planes striking the tower. The video, shot by Czech immigrant Pavel Hlava, shows the second plane impacting with one of its landing gear bays open. Normally, in high speed flight, these bays would not be open.

Why it was open is one of the many unanswered questions that still surround that terrible day.

Ed. Note: Since posting this story, we are getting numerous letters claiming that the plane is too small to be a 767, the object on the base of its fuselage is some sort of tank, and that the flash that can be seen in the video as the plane reaches the impact point is evidence of a missile being fired from this tank.

None of these claims are correct. This is a 767, not a smaller plane. The “tank” under the wing is not a tank at all, but a partially open landing gear door. It is probable that somebody had activated the gear, for what reason nobody knows. In addition, the bright light visible in the frame is a beacon atop the smaller building visible in front of the WTC and the flash that is being billed as a flash coming from the opening of the tank can easily be shown to be a result of the impact of the plane’s nosecone with the wall of the WTC. There is no evidence in this photograph that this plane has been altered in any way or that it is firing a missile into the World Trade Center.

Stories like this are being spread around the internet, we believe, by intelligence assets intent on deflecting public interest away from the real questions that surround 9/11. Please read the Philiadelphia Daily article linked above for an excellent discussion of the real problems with 9/11.

Let’s pray that government secrecy one day comes to an end.

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