A group of retired Air Force officers who were stationed at nuclear launch facilities in the 1960s held a press conference on October 19 to provide testimony that they had witnessed UFOs tampering with the nuclear weapons that they were responsible for. The panel also called for a Congressional hearing into the matter, considering the national security implications such incursions present.

The press conference, led by Captain Robert Salas, included former Air Force Captains Robert Jamison and David Schindele. The former officers outlined a series of UFO incursions at underground launch facilities that resulted in the shutdown of no less than thirty ICBMs, starting with a September 1966 incident at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota where ten ICBMs went offline after an unidentified craft appeared above the base; on March 16, 1967, another ten missiles went offline after an unidentified craft appeared above Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana; and on March 24 ten more ICBMs at another of Malmstrom’s launch facilities were deactivated during a similar incursion.

Former USAF lieutenant and missile test photographic officer Dr. Robert Jacobs recounted his own encounter of a UFO interfering with a missile test: while filming the September 14 1967 test launch of an Atlas-D missile at Vandenberg Air Force Base, Jacobs recorded a UFO destroying the dummy warhead that was launched while travelling at 8,000 miles per hour (12,900 km/h).

“Suddenly, from in the frame we saw an object come in from the same way we were going,” Jacobs recounted. Due to the nature of how the camera was attached to the telescope that was used to view the high-altitude test he was unable to view the event while it was unfolding, but was shown the footage after it was processed. “This object flew in, it came up to our warhead, it went around the top of the warhead, fired a beam of light down onto the top of the warhead. It went around to the front of the warhead—remember, we’re all traveling at about 8000 miles an hour here—fired another beam of light, went down below the warhead, fired another beam of light. Went around the way it had come in, fired another beam of light, [and] then it flew out of the frame the same way it had come in. At that point, the warhead tumbled out of space.”

Historical evidence was also presented during the press conference, including a review of the 1947 Roswell incident; recorded testimony of Dr. Jesse Marcel, Jr., recounting the recovered crashed saucer debris his father, Major Jesse Marcel, showed his family; numerous government documents indicating that UFOs were a genuine phenomenon, including an FBI teletype refuting the notion that the Roswell debris was from a weather balloon and the famous memo issued by General Nathan Twining stating that “the phenomenon is real, and not visionary or fictitious”; numerous Air Force documents discussing the phenomenon; and a report of six separate incidents at Walker AFB (formerly Roswell AFB) when overhead UFOs directed beams of light at missiles stored there.

Former Air Force Captains Robert Jamison and David Schindele were on hand to offer testimony regarding their own experiences. In March 1966 Jamison, a nuclear missile targeting officer, was dispatched to Malmstrom Air Force Base’s Oscar Flight launch facility where several of the missiles there had somehow been disabled.

“If a missile falls off alert for no reason whatsoever, we have to go back and completely retarget it, because we don’t know what caused the missile to go off alert, and whether or not it corrupted the targeting information,” according to Jamison.

But as his team was assembling at a hangar that evening, he was told that the sheriff of a nearby town had “reported a UFO in the area, told the Air Force, and at the same time ten missiles in Oscar Flight went off alert.”

“To go off alert for no reason, and then have ten missiles to go off alert? This never happened before,” Jamison explained. But despite the improbability of such an occurrence happening once, he would come to discover that the same situation had occurred at Malmstrom the week before when ten missiles had gone offline.

“Even though I never saw a flying saucer or a UFO, I do know they exist because they knocked down our missiles,” according to Jamison. “That just doesn’t happen every day.

“They’re very interested in our nuclear weapons, and our methods of delivering nuclear weapons. That’s what concerns me.”

In September of 1966, Captain David Schindele was stationed at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota as a Minuteman ICBM Launch Control Officer and Deputy Commander of the launch crew, when a UFO that appeared just outside the main gate of the complex shut down 10 of the missiles he was in charge of. In addition to recounting his experience, Schindele expressed his dissatisfaction with the US Office of the Director of National Intelligence’s (ODNI) report on UFOs, “Preliminary Assessment: Unidentified Aerial Phenomena”.

“Let me be very clear,” Schindele said, “the ODNI report did not effectively address the substance of UAP/UFO concerns, as specifically directed and requested, “pointing out that the request from the Senate Intelligence Committee was for the ODNI to “submit an intelligence assessment of the threat posed by Unidentified aerial Phenomena (UAP) and the progress the Department of Defense Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) has made in understanding this threat,” factors that were not addressed in the report.

Schindele went on to express his disappointment with the limited scope of the reported encounters examined by the report’s authors, with cases occurring between November 2004 and March 2021 being the only incidents included; he then offered a brief overview of the history of the US government’s UFO investigation programs.

“I waited 40 years before I opened my mouth, and that’s a long time,” said Schindele. “I had this terrible secret on my mind for all that time, and I felt such great relief to finally admit to my friends and close relatives what I experienced in the Air Force.”

“The cold fact is whether we like it or not, whether it is convenient or not, the UAP reality is here,” Salas concluded. “And by the way [that] nuclear weapons are our own inventive way we used to terminate one war, it is also a way that could be used for the complete animation of humanity and other life on earth. In my opinion—and just my opinion—UFOs are simply reminding us that we should seriously try to eliminate these weapons.

“I don’t think any of us want to be looking through keyholes to know what our government is unnecessarily hiding from us. We must demand open and public hearings on this subject; let us hear from other witnesses, government agencies, and anyone else who has been holding his secrets.

“We have a critical need to know.”
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