A recently released US government report says our troops had Osama bin Laden within their grasp in late 2001 in Afghanistan. Calls for troop reinforcements were rejected, allowing him to simply walk off into a tribal area of Pakistan.

BBC News quotes the Foreign Relations Committee report as saying, “On or around 16 December [2001], two days after writing his will, Bin Laden and an entourage of bodyguards walked unmolested out of Tora Bora and disappeared into Pakistan’s unregulated tribal area,” where he is still thought to be hiding.

It was then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld’s decision. According to the report, he “chose to rely on air strikes and untrained Afghan militias.”

MOTK warned us when he said: “Mankind is trapped. I want to help you spring the trap;” “The veil between the worlds can fall. The undiscovered country can become your backyard;” “Your destiny, each of you, is to become all of God.”

The Master of the Key is still elusive, but his provocative words are what first alerted Whitley to the fact of global warming, which he then wrote about in his book which became the hit film The Day After Tomorrow.

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