The great blackout of 2003 should not have been possible, and power officials did not believe it could happen before it did. Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Radio One stated that the problem began with a disruption at a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, while President Bush speculated that the cause might have been a lightning strike at a power plant in New York. Power officials are saying that the blackout began somewhere in the midwest, probably Ohio. We’ve discovered that a U.S. soldier was arrested a year ago when we was caught trying to plant an explosive at a nuclear power plant in Florida, an action that would likely have led to a similar collapse in another part of the power grid.

Noelle Phillips writes in the Savannah Morning News that Jacksonville, Florida police arrested Spc. Derek Lawrence Peterson from Fort Stewart, who was held on $5 million bond. Peterson was stopped for speeding at 11:15 pm. Police officer D.F. Valiante was suspicious when he saw that Peterson was dressed entirely in black, with plastic pads on his knees and elbows. He had a pistol in a shoulder holster, as well as a 12-inch knife, a six-inch knife, a 12-gauge shotgun, shotgun shells, .45-caliber bullets, four ammo magazines, a six-volt battery, duct tape, speaker wire and plastic from an explosive device.

Valiante had spotted Peterson?s black 2002 Chevrolet Silverado earlier, backed up to the Florida Power and Light station’s main gate. He says, “The suspect advised me that he was on the power plant property to practice recon tactics.” When police followed the footprints on a dirt road at the power plant, they found an explosive device equal in power to half a stick of dynamite underneath the power lines.

This apparent attempt to sabotage a power plant was only reported locally, and the case seems to have quietly disappeared.

Could Thursday’s blackout have been caused by a later attack on a power plant that succeeded? A nuclear plant going offline suddenly could have caused an unprecedented gap in coverage because of the high level of energy that is produced by these large facilities. But so far there is no information suggesting that any sort of nuclear leak is under way or that sabotage was involved.

It may be that, like so many other, similar events around the world, the exact cause will never be discovered. So far, UFO activity does not appear to have been involved, but in many other blackouts, there has been such activity reported in the area when the blackout took place. For a review of these events, click here. was offline for seven hours Thursday due to the power outage.

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Thanks to Jim Marrs’ website for alerting us about this story. He tells about this incident in his new book The War on Freedom: the 911 Conspiracies. To all of you who’ve preordered it, please be patient–the new edition is being printed and shipped to us now.

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