There have been many theories about the location ofAtlantis, which Plato wrote about in 360 BC, saying that itwas an islandin the Atlantic Ocean where an advanced civilization was hitby a natural disaster that sank it beneath the sea. But thisis the first time anyone has theorized that he may have beendescribing Ireland.

Kevin Smith writes that geographer Ulf Erlingsson says themeasurements, geography and landscape of Atlantis asdescribed by Plato match Ireland almost exactly. He says, “Iam amazed no one has come up with this before, it’sincredible. Just like Atlantis, Ireland is 300 miles long,200 miles wide, and widest across the middle. They both havea central plain surrounded by mountains. I’ve looked atgeographical data from the rest of the world and of the 50largest islands there is only one that has a plain in themiddle?Ireland.”

But how can Ireland be Atlantis, when Ireland is still here?Erlingsson says the legend came about because Dogger Bank, ashoal in the North Sea off the coast of England, sank afterbeing hit by a huge wave around 6,100 BC. He says, “Isuspect that myth came from Ireland and it derives fromDogger Bank. I think the memory of Dogger Bank was probablypreserved in Ireland for around 3,000 years and became mixedup with the story of Atlantis.”

Greg and Lora Little thinkAtlantisis in the Bahamas and found many indications of a drownedcivilization.

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