When Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated, no one realized that World War I was inevitable. World War II can be seen as a war against the ideology of Adolf Hitler. Now Prince Hassan of Jordan warns that World War III may be a religious war pitting Christianity and Judaism against Islam, and that this war may have already started. Hassan says, “?I’m afraid the makings of a third world war are actually taking place in front of our very eyes.”

Lucy Williamson writes in bbcnews.com that Hassan says that what’s needed is an Arab intermediary who can mediate a long-term dialogue between the two sides. He thinks the West has to clearly explain their reasons for being in the Middle East, and says, “We have to sort out the cards again?the war on terror, the question of Palestine, the question of Iraq, the question of Afghanistan, WMD, Iran.”

John Hogue says that Nostradamus may have predicted the current state of events in Century 6, Quatrain 33, which he translates as, “His power finally through bloody Alus, He will be unable to protect himself by sea. Between two rivers he will fear the military hand. The black one will make the angry one repent of it.”

Hogue says, “The quatrain implies that Saddam Hussein (‘the angry one’) is the man who [was] ‘unable to protect himself by sea’ (his defenses proved useless against sea-launched cruise missiles both during and after the Gulf War of 1991). Saddam, the Mesopotamian leader ‘between two rivers’ (the Tigris and Euphrates) who fears the ‘military hand’ of the West, may also need to fear the hand or power of bloody ‘Alus,’ the ‘black one,’ who?could be a future black-robed ayatollah from Iran.

“?This Ayatollah?might turn out to be the Iranian Ayatollah Khamenei or the leader of Iraqi Shiite ayatollahs fomenting a fundamentalist Islamic state in post-Saddam Iraq. BBC news reported the return to Iraq of Ayatollah Mohammed Baqr al-Hakim from a 23-year exile in Iran. He is considered the most important Shiite cleric of Iraq. This Ayatollah recently made a speech before hundreds of thousands of Shiite followers in Basra, declaring, ‘We want an independent government…We refuse imposed government…We now have to know our own way to rebuild Iraq, and forget the past…We Muslims have to live together… We have to help each other stand together against imperialism… We want an independent government. We refuse imposed government!’

“?What transpires in the months or a year ahead is a new insurrection fomented by a black robed and angry Iraqi Shiite ayatollah. Whether his anger or U.S. imperialist interests in Iraq are justified only history will tell. Prophecy tells us that a new guerrilla war is coming. It may not be solely a war waged by those between the two rivers of the Tigris and Euphrates in the ‘Sunni’ Muslim ‘Triangle.’ The vast majority of Iraqis of the Shiite faith will, for better or worse, choose to establish their own political destiny without edicts from?an American occupation. The Shiites may push aside the Americans if they do not step aside.

In 2003, John Hogue wrote, “I’ve always been of the opinion that a Shiite rebellion fomented by its Ayatollahs would be the beginning of the real U.S. quagmire in Iraq.” We can see that coming true right now.

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