As Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad landed in New York for a UN meeting and a controversial visit to Columbia University, Senator Charles Liberman (D-Mass) introduced a bill paving the way for an attack on Iran and former national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski warned that administration statements about Iran were disturbingly similar to statements made about Iraq prior to the invasion of that country.

Separately, France warned Iran that if they did not stop making efforts to create a nuclear weapon, military action might follow. For its part, Iran has stated that it is capable of attacking Israel, and it will do so if attacked. An allied attack on Iran would be from the air, and would be designed to destroy the facilities the country has recently built to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Brzezinski warned that an attack on Iran would be a “disaster” for the US. He says, “We will be at war simultaneously in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. And we would be stuck for the next 20 years.”

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says that the Bush administration is committed to diplomacy when dealing with Iran, but still keeps the military option open. Yesterday Newsweek reported that Vice President Cheney had recently made overtures to Israel to get them to launch an attack against Iran, to try to provoke an all out conflagration.

If Iran was able to build a nuclear weapon, it would threaten not only Israel, but Sunni-dominated Saudi Arabia, since Iran is a strongly Shiite state. Its efforts to create medium range missiles could eventually threaten southern Europe as well.

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