Something most people don’t know about – Time passes quickly: It’s been 7 years since we invaded Iraq, and now there are a large number of birth defects in Fallujah, where the fighting was most intense. This is probably due to the type of bullets that American troops use. Is it possible to fight a moral war?

Many infants in Iraq are born with weak hearts, but there are also cases of facial disfiguration, missing limbs and missing (or extra) fingers and toes. On baby was even born with 3 heads. These are all signs of radiation poisoning. BBC News quotes journalist Malik Hamdan, who personally visited some of the Fallujah hospitals, as saying, “I’ve seen footage of babies born with an eye in the middle of the forehead, the nose on the forehead.”

In BBC News, John Simpson quotes Iraqi physician Samira al-Ani as saying, “I have nothing documented, but I can tell you that year by year the number [is] increasing.” This story is being suppressed in Iraq because it goes against the official pro-American government stance there. However, many doctors are privately advising women in the area not to have children.

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