India’s only active volcano, known as Barren-1, which islocated in the Andaman Islands chain about 80 milesnortheast of the capital, Port Blair, has begun erupting inthe aftermath of last Sunday’s mega-quake.

Lava is flowing down the sides of the volcano, and lava andsteam are being emitted from the crater. While the volcanois not a threat to populated areas, its sudden eruptionfollowing the earthquake is another sign of just how profoundlythe massive quake affected the region geologically.

Sumatra, as close to the quake’s epicenter as Barren-1, has35 active volcanoes, and the question of whether or not theywill be affected by the earth movement is at present unanswered.

A second volcano in the Andaman chain, Narcondam, is locatednear Barren-1. It has not erupted since 1991.

Area scientists are attempting to keep an eye on allvolcanoes in the region, but with communications severelydisrupted due to the quake and tsunami, few volcanoes arebeing actively monitored.

For a list of area volcanoes,clickhere.

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