UPDATE – Astrologers may get their planet back after all. UPDATE: Paul Rincon writes in the BBC news that there is violent disagreement among astronomers about demoting Pluto from planetary status. Astronomer Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute in Texas (where Whitley did extensive work with the late Bill Mallow on testing parts from the Roswell crash, as well as his implant) says, “I have nothing but ridicule for this decision.”

The vote to demote Pluto took place during the International Astronomical Union’s (IAU) 10-day meeting in Prague. The IAU has officially designated which planets are part of the solar system?and named them?since 1919.

Astronomer Owen Gingerich heads up a committee that, instead of reducing the number of planets to 8, wants to INCREASE the number to 12. As has happened so often recently, the problem seems to come down to voting. Gingerich says, “There were 2,700 astronomers in Prague during that 10-day period [when the voting took place]. But only 10% of them voted?Those who disagreed and were determined to block the other resolution showed up in larger numbers?”

Stern says, “I was not allowed to vote because I was not in a room in Prague on Thursday 24th. Of 10,000 astronomers, 4% were in that room?you can’t even claim consensus.”

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