Muslim prophets say the long-term targets of terrorism will continue to be Washington and New York. “There can be no doubt of the profound hostility entertained by Muslim apocalyptic writers towards the United States, and their intense desire to humiliate it and see it destroyed forever,” says Islamic expert David Cook. However, a new major target is the Vatican. reports that Islamic prophets are saying a messiah called the Dajjal will rise from the ashes of the U.S. and “Greater Israel,” which is what Muslims call the worldwide Jewish influence that they believe originates in the United States.

Some of them quote Jeremiah 50:2 and 51:44, where the figure of “Bel” (a Babylonian god) is “punished in Babylon.” To them, “Bel” refers to “Bill” Clinton. America is associated with “Ad,” a city whose destruction is foretold in the Koran. “They had advanced weaponry and organized sports and cultural events,” Cook says. “These, however, were merely for pleasure, not for the purpose of glorifying God. Their buildings were skyscrapers, just as in New York.” Before dismissing these ideas as nonsense, we should realize that one of these Muslim philosophers is believed to have had a profound influence on Osama bin-Laden.

After America and the Jews are conquered and converted to Islam, says Cook, “the victorious Muslims will conquer Europe and destroy the ‘idolatrous church in the Vatican.’ This will lead to?the physical appearance of the Dajjal himself, who will gather another huge army to fight the Battle of Armageddon.” But the “Mahdi” will reappear first, who is associated with bin-Laden. This may be one reason that his organization is so eager to prove he’s still alive, despite the fact that there is nothing on the latest videos of him to indicate they were taken recently. The last one showed him walking but not actually speaking?it had a voice-over narration.

However, “This ideal state of affairs is wrecked by the Vatican, since groups of saboteurs under Roman Catholic control are caught, and brought before the Mahdi,” says Cook. “They confess who sent them to him personally and to representatives of the foreign countries. Then the Mahdi proclaims that his armies are moving to the Vatican and going to attack Rome.”

The influence of these Muslim prophets explains why the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were chosen as targets on 911?they are symbols, and the terrorists who believe they are waging a “holy war” believe in, and are motivated by, symbolism. “Bin-Laden lives in a symbolic universe which reads apocalyptically,” says scholar Richard Landes. “?Bin-Laden is a central player in a cosmic battle that pits the warriors for truth against the agents of Satan and evil in this world.”

We have our gurus too?how can we tell if they’re for real? And how can do we know if what seemed like an abduction really happened? Find out on this week’s Dreamland!

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