Three major earthquakes struck in a single day on Monday, May 23. While one or two such quakes in a single day is not an unsual event, this level of seismic activity is relatively rare and certainly worth reporting.

However, the the USGS failed to record, or chose not to report, one of these quakes. It was recorded near Mindanao at 23:13:29 GMT.

We have confirmed with news media in the Philippines that the quake did occur, and have found a single record of it, at the University of Washington’s Earthquake Watch. To see this record, click here.

Is this merely an error, or censorship of event because it was unusual? In either case, USGS would appear to be obligated under its rules to correct this error and post this quake.

The other quakes recorded on the 23rd were reported normally on their website by USGS. To see their record, click here.

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