A tsunami warning has been issued for Hawaii, and the warnings for US and Canadian coastal areas have been called off. Four to Seven foot wayve area expected to reach the Hawaii’s north facing beaches today. The warning has been issued after a 7.1 earthquake struck an island off the coast of Canada.

At the same time, the northeastern US is doing its best to prepare for Sandy. New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has announced that all public transportation will be shut down starting with buses and subways at 7PM Sunday and extending to commuter trains at 9PM.

Residents of the region are being urged to take the storm seriously and to move to higher ground in areas that are prone to flooding.

Sandy is a dangerous storm that is likely to come ashore with 80 mile per hour winds and inundating rain. Mayor Bloomberg has said to "prepare for the worst." Get the latest updates from Mayor Bloomberg’s website.

At least 12 nuclear power plants are in the storm’s path, and inspectors are being sent to them to make certain that their auxiliary power supplies are in good working order in the event of electric grid failure.

If the storm collides with cold fronts now moving across the US eastern land mass, violent local storms could develop involving high local winds, tornadoes, and heavy mixed rain, sleet and possible heavy falls of snow.

Read Whitley Strieber’s new journal entry, the Why of Sandy and What Comes Next. It should be noted by Unknowncountry.com readers that Whitley Strieber and Art Bell’s book Superstorm accurately predicted this type of storm in 1999.

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