90% of the UFO videos received by Unknowncountry.com areeither explainable, too faint or too blurred to make adetermination, or outright hoaxes. But the 10% that areclear and are not explainable are amazing. We keep the bestone we have ever received on view in our subscriber section.This is a clear image of a metallic disk that is morphingvisibly during the taping.

Two unusual UFO videos have been posted on Google videorecently, and one of them still has us stumped. One is fromChina, and involves a clear image of a UFO over an apartmentblock that suddenly disappears after a group of flashesappear on its edges.

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The China video is probably a hoax. Because of its lowresolution, it is hard to tell anything about it, but closeexamination does suggest that the flares on the object’sperimeter were accomplished by replacing image in twoframes. Such videos are simple to hoax, and given that wehave no record of anybody observing or recording a similarphenomenon, this video remains suspect.

The second video is of a little-known but rumored event thatsupposedly took place in the late forties, which involvedthe deaths of aliens and humans. Supposedly, their remainswere collected by the military in Kearny, Kansas. This filmappears to be of such an event, and involves bodies similarto those that appear in the famous “Alien Autopsy” video,which Whitley Strieber has studied. He has concluded thatthis film remains an unknown.

To see the “Alien Gurney” video,clickhere.

Robert Morningstar of UFO Digest offers a searchingcommentary on this filmhere.

Whitley Strieber has this to say about the “Alien Autopsy”video: “I had this examined by a specialist in anatomy, andhis opinion is that the body that is manipulated during thefilm does contain a skeleton, because of the way the hipsrotate. Also, the hands cannot be human because thepolydactilism is self-consistent. All six digits arecorrectly proportioned. Given that we don’t have the geneticencoding for a sixth digit, a human hand with six digitswould have either a deformed sixth digit or one identical toone of the other five. Given this, it is clear that thevideo uses a real corpse, either of a nonhuman being, or acorpse with false hands.” He adds, “Ray Santilli promised tosend me a frame of the original film with image on it sothat I could verify its age, but failed to do so. This doesnot mean that the film is fake. In fact, none of theevidence offered has ever proved it real or fake.”

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