It has been suggested that the search for the Truth can often lead seekers into treacherous territory, particularly, it seems, in the field of UFO research where a disproportionate number of researchers appear to have lost their lives. Could it just be a coincidence that during the past ten years a total of 137 researchers, writers, scientists, and witnesses in a small niche community have died, often in the most odd or unlikely manner?

A 30 year study by amateur astronomer and former U.S. government adviser, Timothy Hood, has revealed that UFO researchers began to die under mysterious circumstances in the 1970s and 1980s. Causes of death range from improbable suicides, strange disappearances, weird cancers, murders, and many deaths from a variety of ‘natural causes’ which were often proved to be medically inconclusive. The list of those UFO researchers or abductees who experienced untimely deaths is very long, and includes Barbara Bartholic, Phil Schneider and Ron Rummel, Edward Ruppelt, Kathy Kasten, Ron Bonds, Damon Runyon, Edgar Jarrold, Dr. B. Noel Opan, Frank Edwards, Rep. Rouse, author H. T. Wilkins, Henry E Kock, publicity director of the Universal Research Society of America, author Frank Scully, contactee George Adamski, Rev. Della Larson, also a contactee, author Gloria Lee Byrd, Marie Ford, UFO enthusiast Doug Hancock, Feron Hicks, Canadian researcher Wilbert B. Smith, Brazilian researcher Dr. Olavo Fontes, Jim and Coral Lorenzen, biologist Ivan Sanderson, CUFOS founder James A. Hynek, and Bill Cooper, a lame and almost blind researcher who was killed in a police raid because he apparently ran after and shot a police officer.

The list of the deceased even extends to prominent astrophysicists who had dedicated themselves to the search for extra-terrestrial life. In fact, 25 individuals working within the space industry died within a short space of time in the late 80s. The incidences were noted by famous author, Sidney Sheldon, who, whilst working on his novel “The End of the World”, compiled the ‘Sheldon List’ which detailed a series of mysterious deaths among British specialists developing space weapons.

Other cases do appear to be just unhappy coincidence: Eminent Harvard psychiatrist and Pulitzer Prize winner, Dr. John E. Mack, died in London in 2004 after a being struck by a drunk driver who was apparently later convicted and jailed for the offence, though there was very little media coverage of this. There are still those who believe that his death was suspicious as it appeared to be far too ‘convenient’: Dr. Mack had become the subject of an unprecedented 14 month review by Harvard Medical School during which his controversial research methods with so-called ‘alien abductees’ were scrutinised. After he published his book, "Abduction: Human Encounters with Aliens" in 1994, the University had considered censuring him and revoking his tenure, though eventually a statement was issued which confirmed " Dr. Mack’s academic freedom to study what he wishes and to state his opinion without impediment". Unfortunately, this freedom did not benefit him greatly as he died a short time later.

This succession of untimely demises has almost become as much of a mystery as the UFOs themselves. Certainly, the search for extra-terrestrial life can lead researchers in the field to discover very sensitive and classified information; there is often military involvement in this area due to the potential threat posed to national security by any object – terrestrial or extra-terrestrial – which enters protected airspace.

This year, new evidence was revealed by ex-Nellis Air Force Base worker, Dr. Charles Hall, which appears to confirm that the US military were hiding shocking truths from the public in the 1960s, and could explain why anyone who may have threatened to expose these secrets would have been seen to be a threat to national security.

As witnesses go, Dr. Hall has an extremely credible background: he is an ex-United States Air Force veteran and he currently works as a nuclear physicist, so under any other circumstances one would not think to doubt his testimony. Whilst working at the Nevada base in the 1960′s, he claims to have encountered at least three different species of extra-terrestrial beings: the Roswell ‘Grays’, the ‘Tall Whites’ and a blonde race known as the ‘Norwegians’. He worked alongside the beings for two years, and admits that he and all other personnel were initially "very afraid" of them, but that the beings were just as afraid of humans. Dr. Gray worked at the base in close daily contact with the aliens for two years. He originally wrote books about his experiences which were passed off as fiction, but more recently admitted that the books were based on fact.

The evidence to support the existence of extra-terrestrial life is now almost over-whelming; in early May, researchers, activists, political leaders and high ranking military/agency personnel from around the world testified to the reality of the UFO/extraterrestrial phenomenon in front of several former United States members of congress, and official files have been released since 2007 in the UK which confirm that UFOs which defy explanation have been recorded on radar. One can imagine that information like this would once have been classified at the highest level, particularly in the 1960s, when the idea of extra-terrestrial life was still firmly ensconced in the realms of science fiction fantasy and public reaction may not have been favourable. Perhaps the government predicted panic, or did not want to admit that they were not fully in control; this would certainly provide a very powerful motive for concealment of the facts, though one would question whether this justified the loss of innocent lives in the process. Of course, that is still merely speculation, though the statistics are certainly intriguing.

One would hope that global governments now accept that the need for such obscurity is past, as the public’s expanding consciousness is surely becoming more accepting of the possibility that ‘we are not alone’, and increasing scientific evidence and witness testimonies continue to support this. Yet we cannot assume that the decision regarding disclosure was taken solely by our own governments; in his latest book, "Alien Hunter", Whitley Strieber suggests that alien races could have their own criminal elements who are working to further their own agendas, and that it may be this element who have prevented the dissemination of facts concerning their existence on the planet.

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