Unknowncountry’s Climate Watch is predicting a wet winter in 2015-2016 for the Northern Hemisphere, with warmer temperatures and significant snowfall above the 39th Parallel. Below that parallel, flooding is probable in the US and Mexico as a strong el Nino moves eastward and northward. Assuming that trade winds decline normally, flooding will also extend across the drought-stricken US west coast. Drought conditions will intensify in South and Central America, however, and a hot Austral summer is likely. If the trade winds remain strong, the drought will continue in the western US, and el Nino will affect the central and eastern portions of the continental land mass more strongly.

As warm temperatures reach higher and higher into upper atmosphere, atmospheric circulation and storm activity will continue to decline, with less forceful hurricanes, typhoons and tornadic storms. But if these systems extend to unusual heights, they can suddenly and unpredictably become very dangerous, and the temperature gradient in the upper stratosphere has become extreme. This is what caused both Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy to strengthen unexpectedly.

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