National UFO Reporting Center director Peter Davenportreports that he has spoken to a direct witness of the UFOevent over O’Hare Airport, who says that the UFO imagepublished on this website and elsewhere was not what wasseen. Because an original, unretouched picture without theUFO present in it has been provided, it must be concludedthat the picture is a probable hoax.

“An actual, original witness to the O’Hare Airport UFOsighting and has confirmed the photos being passed aroundthe Internet are NOT what was seen.”

It is important to remember that the United sightinghappened, and that the FAA’s explanation that it was anunsual cloud was put out so that the media and thegovernment could dismiss it and maintain their ‘credibility’by continuing their sixty year tradition of denial. will continue exploring this sighting,and seeking photographic evidence if it is available.

Here at, we know a lot about UFOs. We will soon post an interview with one of the world’s best researchers, but we get THE BEST information from you. And remember: you can also learn a lot about UFOs from fiction!

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