On June 15, popular guest William Henry came on Dreamland totell us that Saddam Hussein believes he is the reincarnationof Nebuchadnezzar, a legendary Babylonian king who ismentioned in the Old Testament.

CIA psychological profiler Jerrold Post agrees and saysSaddam “represents the most dangerous personality[type].”Basically, he’s a psychopath, who regards everyoneas a potential enemy and is incapable of feeling remorse forthe suffering of others.” Post believes Saddam?s delusionscan be traced to his maternal uncle, who raised him from age9 and filled his head with dreams of following in thefootsteps of legendary Arabian figures like Saladin andNebuchadnezzar.

The Bush administration wants to psych Saddam out, as theytry to figure out the best way to evict him from power. Bushalso believes Saddam may attack us and we need to hit himbefore he strikes.

“I’m a patient person,” Bush says. “But I do firmly believethat the world will be safer and more peaceful if there’s aregime change in that government.?

Post has been studying foreign leaders for more than 35years and became famous at the CIA for his psychologicalprofiles. He says of Cuba?s Fidel Castro: “He can blame theUnited States for his leadership failures.” Of YasserArafat, he says, “To the degree that (Israeli Prime MinisterAriel) Sharon has pursued his very aggressive posture towardreoccupation, that puts Arafat in his favorite position ofbeing the underdog victim.” His assessment of North Koreanleader Kim Jong-Il: “The starvation and the epidemics thatare ravaging the country have to press upon him, and may beeven a motivation for taking over the South and its resources.”

Post says there?s no chance Saddam will agree to a renewalof U.N. weapons inspections. He will never give up hischemical and biological weapons because they say to theworld, “You see, we are sovereign. I can thwart the U.N. andthe U.S. with impunity. We will continue and we will succeed.”

Can the FBI anticipate strikes against the U.S. before theyhappen? Read ?The Bureau: The Secret History of the FBI? byRonald Kessler,click here.

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