Reuters, CNN – The British government plans to compel stores selling cell phones to give customers written health warnings. The proposed pamphlet would explain that current research is going on to establish safety guidelines for cell phones and they should be used with caution until all results are in.

Scientists in the U.K. have found that children who use cell phones have memory loss, sleeping disorders and headaches, according to research published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.

Physicist Dr. Gerard Hyland stated that, “The effect of microwaves from a mobile phone is a bit like interference on a radio. It has an impact on the stability of the cells in the body?If mobile phones were a type of food, they simply would not be licensed because there is so much uncertainty surrounding their safety.”

Last November, studies showed that earpieces, which many people use because they think they are safer, actually increase the brain?s exposure to radiation.

Sources: CNN, Nov. 26, 2000; Reuters, Nov. 25, 2000.

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