The British government plans to make its UFO documents public. Hundreds of documented sightings of UFOs across the UK, dating back over 10 years, will be released by the Ministry of Defense (the UK version of the Pentagon) in the coming weeks. BBC News quotes an MOD official as saying, “The files contain information about UFO sightings by members of the public and include photographs that people have taken or drawings they have done. There is no scientific data included in the files just the public reports which may also include a comment from nearby RAF bases saying whether there was flight activity when the sightings took place.”

BBC quotes Billy Buchanan, the a member of the local government of Bonnybridge, which is the site of a recent group of dramatic UFO sightings, as saying, “The more information that comes out about the sightings the more it gives credibility to all those, including myself, who have been ridiculed by speaking out. On a number of occasions I have seen something that cannot be rationally defined. It’s an ongoing issue for Bonnybridge with many of the area’s elderly people getting concerned when they cannot explain something they’ve seen in the sky.”

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