In recent years, the internet has been bombarded with fake UFO footage that is really simply out-of-focus shots of commonplace objects, such as bright stars and light bulbs. UFO investigator Tom King has analyzed some of these images and found that they do not stand up to examination by a knowledgeable videographer.

King says, ? The trick is the camera lens has to be out of focus and you need just the right illumination. Millions of people with these video cameras get these images on a weekly basis trying to tape things at night. Very few end up on internet websites as UFOs.? He shows examples of similar shots he?s made by adjusting the focus on his camera.

King goes on to say, ?First off I made it my business to learn as much about video cameras as I could?From my library of hundreds of UFO tapes, I could post hundreds of out of focus shots to nail this coffin shut forever on this blurry?stuffthat the UFO community just can?t seem to shake.?

He makes this offer: ?Take your video camera and record Jupiter or other bright objects out of focus and e-mail me the still pics along with your camcorder model number and I?ll post them [on my website] to create a database on the end result.?

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Meanwhile, UFOs are flying around up north in incredible numbers. From a strange funnel of fire in Alberta to a triangle of light flying over Nova Scotia, reports of unidentified flying objects increased 42 per cent last year in Canada. ?We?re not sure [why],? says UFO researcher Chris Rutkowski. ?We?re thinking that perhaps more people are seeing something that?s really there or perhaps more people are aware of how or whether they should report things.?

The trend started well before the terrorist attacks of September 11 in the U.S., so that has been ruled out as a factor. British Columbia was the best place to be in Canada to spot a UFO. The province accounted for 123 of the 374 reported sightings and has led the country in sightings since 1999. Ontario was next with 87 sightings and Alberta was third with 40 reports.

?All of the cases were investigated by researchers in various parts of the country,? says Rutkowski. ?About 15 per cent were left unexplained. The rest either had explanations or we didn?t have enough information to make an evaluation.? Included among the unexplained was the fire funnel that left a crater more than 100 feet wide in a field near Etzikom, Alberta. ?Some astronomers and experts in meteorites investigated and decided that it wasn?t [a meteorite],? he says.

Sightings were even reported in the sparsely populated north of the country. ?There was a cigar-shaped object that hopped as it flew?over Whitehorse,? says Rutkowski. It was seen at 10:30 a.m. and left a vapor trail as it moved across the sky, disappeared behind a mountain, then returned. ?Pilots flying a supply plane in Nunavut saw a stationary light [hovering] over the ground in an area that?s uninhabited and they couldn?t explain it.?

Other sightings included six orange objects spotted in V formation over Portage la Prairie, Manitoba and a luminous object that hung in the sky over Hull, Quebec for two consecutive nights before appearing to explode. Airline pilots flying over Craik, Saskatchewan saw what they thought were the lights of another aircraft until they were told by air traffic controllers that there was no other plane on radar. Three dots of white light ?played tag? with each other over Richmond, British Columbia.

?There were a number of odd cases,? says Rutkowski ?There?s a mixture of things that we?re seeing from one end of the country to another. For a case to make the list of the best cases, it?s not just the unusual quality of the report but also how well investigated it was and how reliable the source was.?

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