People in a Wisconsin town had two weeks of steady UFOsightings recently, some of them accompanied by what lookedlike fighter jets. A team of space scientists in India saw astrange-looking craft. And a small town in England has beendeclared a UFO hot spot by researcher Nick Pope.

Matt Conn writes in the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune thaton the night of September 23, Eric Dickmann, of Marshfield,Wisconsin, saw three lights in a triangle shape thatdisappeared, then reappeared ten minutes later. About eightpeople sitting around a bonfire saw the UFO. The same typeof craft was seen by his son a few days earlier, while hewas driving on a highway, and this UFO seemed to beaccompanied by a fighter jet.

Dan Young, who also saw a similar craft, says, “Tuesdaynight, the white lights came close together, and I could seeaircraft lights, kind of like warning lights. I thought thiswas probably something that most likely could be easilyexplained after the second time. It looked like, my guessis, helicopters that came together in the sky and went theirseparate ways.”

Some people suspect these may be secret military aircraftfrom nearby Volk Field. Airfield manager Sgt. Katie Dahlkesays, “Throughout the month we’ve had various aircraft invarious training. We have had night flying going on withF-16s. It’s happened a lot in the month of September.” Shesaid nothing unusual has been sighted by military pilots.

In India, space scientist Dr. Anil V. Kulkarni saw a UFOduring a scientific expedition. Other members of his teamalso saw the craft. Kulkarni says it’s unlikely the objectwas a weather balloon, although a member of his team felt itcould be an military device.

Kulkarni says, “We saw a bright white object moving towardsour camp at about 7 am. It moved down the hilltop, towardsthe bottom. Eight persons from our party moved towards itbut the object kept moving towards us?After a while itturned and started to move towards the hilltop. Thebackground was rocky, so we could see the white object veryclearly. It was about 3 to 4 feet tall and balloons wereattached to its head. One was red and the rest were white.It had what looked like two legs and looked as if it wasfloating a few inches above the ground.

“The moment, it came in contact with solar radiation, itscolor changed to black. Then it took off vertically, andmoved along the ridge for about 3-4 minutes in the southerndirection. Soon, after, it its color changed back to whiteand it moved towards our camp. It remained stationaryoverhead for 3-4 minutes and moved towards the northerlydirection and disappeared.”

The object moved in a slanting direction without touchingthe hill. It retreated the same way. It also changed colorand was moving in a direction different to that of theprevailing wind. All this suggests that the object could nothave been a weather balloon.”

In Bexleyheath, England, 72-year-old Dorothy Godfrey sawthree UFOs above her home on September 13. She describedthem as three objects zipping around in the sky. DianeTaylor, who also spotted them, says, “At first I wasn’t toosure it was a UFO but the next morning I heard a radio DJsay he had seen something and when I saw the story in lastweek’s [newspaper] I was certain. I thought it was a pieceof paper but its movements were not right. It was like alight-bulb but larger, very bright and almost as soon as Isaw it, it zipped down the road at about 35mph. My daughtersaw it first and was adamant it was a UFO?There is somethingdefinitely out there.”

Bexleyheath in the U.K. has been listed as one of the top 10UFO areas by UFO researcher Nick Pope. Whitley?s recentinterview with Pope can be accessed by subscribers.

Life would sure be simpler if we could figure out thealienagenda.

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