UFOs have shown up at a Walmart in North Carolina and also in China, where most of the items FOR SALE in Walmart are manufactured!

An Internet user calling himself Hua Jiuju in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province posted a photo of a UFO flying above his city that he took with his cell phone camera online on April 13. He wrote, “At first, I thought it was a balloon, but there was a strong wind that day, and the thing stayed still for a while. But a short time later, it sped toward the Tengwang Pavilion and was spinning over it for five or six seconds before shining suddenly and disappearing immediately.” The sighting lasted no longer than 10 seconds. We suspect the photo may be a hoax. To judge for yourself, click here.

In the North Carolina website EncToday.com, Jon Dawson that on April 13, a huge, cigar-shaped UFO was sighted over a Walmart. A UFO was sighted over a shopping mall in Scotland 6 years ago.

This story is written as a joke, but we suspect that the sighting was real, since there seem to have been several eyewitnesses. It’s a shame that this sort of sighting can’t be taken seriously, especially in a small town in North Carolina, where it’s probably one of the major events to have occurred there that month, but derision seems to be a common reaction when it comes to this subject.

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Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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