There have been dramatic UFO sightings in Ohio and Indiana. In a rural part of Indiana, Bev Carpenter says, “There were lights sort of aiming downward. You could just barely see the outline of the craft. There was no color, no sound, and it just hovered right above the tops of the trees.” In suburban Ohio, Chris Medecke saw a UFO that moved like a “fishing bobber” and says, “The way this thing was going up and down, no way it could have been anything we’re familiar with.”

Anita Munson writes in the South Bend, Indiana Tribune that Bev Carpenter was first alerted about the UFO when she pulled into the driveway with her 13-year-old granddaughter Shannay. She says, “Shannay said, ‘Grandma, what’s that?’ I’d been getting my stuff out, and I turned around, and said, ‘Oh, my God! That’s a UFO.'”

It had two rows of three lights that blinked on and off. She says, “Then the craft started slowly, and I mean slowly, moving in a northeast direction. [Then] it was gone. We couldn’t see anything, or the lights were out. We couldn’t tell.” After that, “We bee-lined it into the house, locked the doors, and called the sheriff.”

After Carpenter called radio station WROI to report the sighting, news director Baron Imhoof says he received 10 more calls from other people who had seen it too. One couple who also saw the UFO are Gene Winters and his wife who saw “what looked like two rows of lights, like two planes flying together.” Winters says, “We were both looking out, and there were six to eight lights in a row on this very, very large object. Living north of Grissom Air Force Base, I thought it was one of those big jets?But there were two things wrong with the picture. It was very low in the sky, and it wasn’t moving. And it was hovering over the top of our pond.” It disappeared “just like the lights were turned off.”

UFO investigator Kenny Young reports on the Ohio UFO. He says that Chris Medecke saw the object while outside in his backyard. It looked like asolid round pulsating and flashing light, flying low over the treeline. Eventually, it started moving straight up and down, in a bobbing motion, for about 15 to 20 minutes. The light on the UFO was white with a tint of red, giving it an almost orange look. His wife and two sons also saw the UFO.

Later, he saw another UFO and says, “This second UFO?or whatever it was?had the same type of performance and maneuvers, moving at slow speed.” He is familiar with jet fighters and easily recognizes jets on their approach patterns to the Cincinnati Airport, and he’s sure this wasn’t a helicopter. He says, “Unmistakable, it was not the police chopper. I would have heard it. I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

The Phoenix Lights were no hoax. In fact, they were the most important UFO event in history, and Dr. Lynne Kitei was the first person to notice them. Her experiences are the subject of an unusual two-week Dreamland special about the future of contact. What happened to Dr. Lynne is a template for future contact with a positive and extremely valuable presence.

Subscribers: Julie Ryder has taken orb studies farther than any person in history, and the way she has done it is exactly the same as the way Dr. Lynne kept contact with the Phoenix Lights: she has showed active and positive interest. Her orb photos are the best ever made, and we believe they’re authentic.

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