Scott Corrales reports that witnesses in Havana, Cuba saw a UFO. In North Carolina, a couple saw one three days in a row, before they finally contacted the police.

The Cuban newspaper Juventud Rebelde reports that a UFO was seen near a fairground. It was described as being “a small oval-shaped object, silver-colored and with a metallic tail, [which] landed in open field encircled by trees.”

“I was tidying the shelves when a bright light came through the window. It was like a glowing ball with a tail in its lower section. I showed it to my mother quickly and ran outside to see where it would fall,” says Raul Beltran. “It lifted off rather perpendicularly and then left through the palm trees. It didn’t make any noise nor issue any smoke. The only thing I’m sure of is its size: more or less the size of a pickup truck tire, or thereabouts.”

His mother Odalis says, “When my son showed it to me, I thought it was a kite or a parachutist, since skydivers drop over EXPOCUBA every so often. After, as it came down, I realized that it could be nothing of the sort, since it was smaller and glowed a lot. It looked like a mirror.”

Remigio Sanchez, who works nearby, saw the UFO at about the same time. He says, “It was a powerful glow in the sky, but it was far away so I thought it was a flare. When I got to Odalis’s house, she told me that a device had landed nearby.”

The grass and small plants at the site where the UFO landed appear burned, although this could be due to the drought.

In North Carolina, Arnold and Lena Crook were able to watch a UFO for three nights. On Monday night, Arnold saw a light in the sky that “kind of danced around.” He called his wife to see it and “She said it was an airplane.” He told her, “It’s not an airplane, just wait and watch it jump around.”

Jessie Burchette writes in the Salisbury Post that Tuesday night, they went out to see if they could spot it again?and they did. Wednesday night, there were even more of them. Arnold says, “Last night it was several lights, kind of like a big old box.” They didn’t tell anyone about it until Thursday, when they reported it to the local police.

We’ve seen UFOs for years, but what is the alien agenda?

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