UFOs were seen in Baghdad and Bahrain last week. The Bahrain UFO displayed strange lights for about a minute. Mohammed Jaffer al-Hajer was with six of his friends when they all noticed it. Al-Hajer taped the strange object on his digital video camera twice?once as it gave off a bright yellow light and again when it split in two before disappearing.

“We first noticed the strange light appear to the left of the Batelco tower in the village,” says al-Hajer. “We saw it again just above the tower when I reached for my camera and began to video tape it.” People in a nearby town also reported seeing the UFO around the same time. However, flight controllers in the Bahrain International Airport tower say the radar there didn?t register any abnormal activity at the time.

Iraqis see lots of missile flashes in the sky, but the lights they saw for 3 hours in Baghdad were something else. The UFO was videotaped by the press (want to bet it won’t show up on CNN?)

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